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The Le Sueur–Waseca Community Health Board (CHB) is a joint powers partnership consisting of two health departments, Le Sueur County and Waseca County.


Agencies Stronger Together

Le Sueur County Public Health and Waseca County Public Health are separate agencies, each delivering health care services and programs in their respective counties. The Le Sueur–Waseca Community Health Board partnership, however, allows counties with populations under 30,000 to join together to leverage grant funding and work together for efficiency. 

The Le Sueur–Waseca Community Health Board (CHB) has a strong shared vision that is centered around several key topics.


  • Strong Community Partnerships

  • Robust Financial Support

  • Competent, Confident and Committed Staff

  • Strong Public Health Infrastructure

  • Current & Up-to-date Training and Technology

  • Improved Community Health

  • Progressive Application of Technology

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